FAQ’s mymovingpartner.com

Why mymovingpartner.com is so special?

On mymovingpartner.com you can plan, calculate and book all relevant services for your complete move online very easy and cheap with a few clicks. mymovingpartner differentiates between „Move yourself“ and „ Hire a moving company“.

With our bookingservice throughout Germany for eco-friendly moving boxes for rent, packaging material to buy, student removal helpers and transporters by Sixt, mymovingpartner.com makes it possible to get all services for your removal from one hand. All services can be booked individually or as a complete package.

1. Rent moving boxes:

On mymovingpartner.com you can rent robust moving boxes and practical accessories for your move. Choose the desired number of moving boxes and have our eco-friendly moving boxes deliverd to your door on the desired date. Aftre the move we will pick them up .

When does the delivery/pickup take place?

During the booking process you can choose a date and a time for the delivery and the pickup.

How much does it cost to rent a moving box?

Depending on the delivery area, renting a moving box costs between  1,75 € and 3,75 € for the first week, delivery and shipping inclusive. Every following week costs 0,75 €.

How many moving boxes do i need?

General rule: You should calculate about 20-25 moving boxes per room.

Can i extend the rental period?

You can extend the renting period at any time via your personal customer account. I you do not have a customer account, please contact our customer service and we will arrange a new pickup date.
Tel: 0800 58 88 536

Can the moving boxes be picked up earlier?

Gladly we can pick up the boxes earlier than appointed. You can change the pickup date through your personal customer account at any time. If you do not have a customer account, contact our customer service and we arrange a new pickup date.
Tel: 0800 58 88 536

How stable are the moving boxes?

The moving boxes are made of ahrd plastic and thereby very robust and weatherproof.

Can i also buy the moving boxes?

Yes, you can also buy the moving boxes. Therefore please contact our customer service:
Tel: 0800 58 88 536

How long can i rent the moving boxes at the latest?

The moving boxes can be rented for unlimited time.

2. Buy packaging material:

On mymovingpartner.com you can buy the suitable packaging material for your removal. Choose the desired number of moving boxes and the needed equipment. Your products will be delivered to your home within the next 48 hours.

When do i get the packaging material?

The packaging material will be delivered within 48 hours. In 80 % of the cases you get the packaging material already on the next day.

3. Assign removal helpers:

Let reliable and freindly students help you with your move.You can book the students at the desired date as your removal helpers. The students will be paid on site in cash.

How many removal helpers do i need?

The number of helpers required depends on several factors, such as size of the apartment, amount of moving goods or external factors (floor, elevator). The general rule is:

  • Small move (1-2 rooms): 1 – 2 helpers for ca. 4-5 hrs.
  • Medium-sized move (2-3 rooms): 2 – 4 helpers for ca. 4-6 hrs.
  • Big move(4-5 rooms): 5 – 8 helpers for ca. 7-8 hrs.

How are the removal helpers getting paid?

The removal helpers will be paid cash on site. The brokerage fee is 19 € per student one time.

4. Book a transporter:

With the help of our volume calculator you can calculate the right transporter for you. At our cooperation partner SIXT, you can book the desired transporter afterwards.

How much does a transporter cost?

The costs for the transporter depend on the size of the chosen transporter and the renting duration. With the following link you can calculate the exact costs for your transporter in a few steps : Click here

With our volume calculator you can plan and calculate your move in a few minutes. Afterwards you can book the partner companies of confern moving partners directly online for the calculated fixed price.With 40.000 moves per year confern moving partners is one of the biggest furniture forwarding companies in the world. With customer satisfaction of 95 % you can lay back and move to your new home without stress.

Which company is getting booked?

mymovingpartner.com works only with professional and certificated moving companies, amongst others with confern, DMS and DB-Schenker.

Is my move insured?

Our partner companies are legally reliable up to 650 € per cubic meter.

How much will my move cost?

The costs for your move depend on the distance between your old and your new home and the volume of your relocation. With our volume calculator you can calculate the exact costs for your move quick and easy. Click here

How long in advance should i plan my move with en.mymovingpartner.com?

With mymovingpartner.com you can plan and calculate your move at any time and until 3 weeks before your move you can book online binding. If the booking is short-term (less than three weeks before the move) please send us a schedule request. Then we will contact you immediatly to confirm the desired date.

How can i be sure that the moving company is reliable and serious?

Our partners are certificated and professional moving companies, that partly excist for over 40 years and have a customer satisfaction of 95 %.

I made a mistake during the inquiry/booking process, what can i do?

If you want to modify or cancel your booking, please contact our customer service immediatly:
Tel: 0800 58 88 536

What payment methods does en.mymovingpartner.com accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Vorauskasse and Paypal.

Do i get a confirmation of my booking and a bill?

Yes, you get an email with all the details of your booking, as well as a seperated bill.

Can i get the service as a company as well?

For corporate moves mymovingpartner.com also has attractive offers. Please contact our customer service:
Tel: 0800 58 88 536