Average relocation price with a premium relocation company:


Distance between old and new address

Average volumen on basis of the Sqm

2. Floor

Supposed floor

Online bookings

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In only 3 steps you will receive an exact quotation for your move:

1. Enter relocation details (Storey, lift available…)
2. Enter the relocation volume: furniture (no exact dimensions needed) and moving boxes.
3. Choose additional services (Assembly, electrical or packaging works).

Offline bookings

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Arrange a viewing appointment on site:

1. Enter the relocation details
2. Arrange an appointment (1 week notice necessary).
3. Free appointment (30-45 minutes).

Good to know:

Our promise to you that the cost of our offer will not change if your information is correct. Even with small deviations such as 5 boxes more or less the price remains.

If significant deviations, such as incorrect floor information or increased volumes due to forgotten furniture appear, it may be necessary to adjust the quotation.

Our quotations can be adjusted up to 24 hours before the move date. Even on the move day, we can still respond to small deviations.

There is nothing worse than if the relocation company does not appear on relocation day, the furniture arrives damaged or afterwards hidden costs are charged. When choosing your relocation company, make sure that it is certified. Especially cheap deals sometimes end in expensive relocation horror.

In order to spare you this stress, we work exclusively with selected and certified removal companies.