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FAQs Details

In order for your moving costs to be calculated accurately, it is relevant to know how much time it will take the movers to travel from the moving truck to your front door.

If the parking space in front of your moving address is limited, click on “Have a no-parking zone set up”. Later in the price comparison, you will see the costs that the individual removal companies call up for the service.

If you want to block the parking space yourself, a maneuvering area of about 15 meters in length is required. On the basis of the picture you can get an impression how much space is needed approximately.

Whether your elevator stops directly in front of the apartment door or on a mezzanine floor is not relevant. Simply indicate whether an elevator is available or not.

Always click on the floor where your apartment is located or house if you live in a house. The basement or garage are always included in the calculation of the movers.